How Jute Plus Works


Jute Plus is a membership for $50 a year. With this membership, you will be enrolled in our referral program to earn cash, perks and other great rewards. There are no strings attached, no gimmicks and no required product purchases.

Earn Cash

We want to give back to our loyal customers. Jute Plus members earn cash for their Jute referrals. Refer friends and family using your own referral code or link that provides a 20% discount to new customers AND you earn cash based on their purchases!

On Your Time

Part-time, full-time, or between-time—earn cash however you would like. We want this to be your passion project and to have the freedom to have as much fun as we do making Jute.

Share Your Happy

Once a member of Jute Plus, you will have a referral code and link to pass out to friends and family. Each time someone uses your code or link to buy Jute products or refer others that buy our products you will earn cash on those purchases!

Purchase your Jute Plus membership today!

The New Boom

Hemp is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries thanks to the legalization of growing and selling agricultural hemp and hemp-extracted products in the 2018 Farm Bill. The hemp industry is projected to grow to nearly triple its current size, making it a $1.3 billion dollar market by 2022.

Not a farmer? Not a problem! A Jute Plus membership makes it easy for the early-risers, the go-getters, and the self-starters to participate in a booming industry and earn some extra gravy. Purchase your Jute Plus membership today to get started!

Premium Quality & Incredible Prices

How can this be? The math is simple. We have simplified the supply chain AND control the entire process from the time the seed enters the ground to the moment you get our product! We are selling directly from the farm to the consumer. We’ve cut out third-party manufacturers, distributors, retailers, buying agents, and fancy marketing gimmicks.

It’s elementary really. Jute maintains all-natural family-owned farms in Kentucky while manufacturing our own products to offer incredible health and wellness products directly to the consumer.

Be Different. We are.

Jute Plus is entirely an opt-in membership: no pressure, no hassle, and no minimum products. We use a simple referral code or link that members can utilize to promote Jute. You don’t have to worry about packaging and shipping; we will do all that fulfillment stuff! Just refer friends and family using your code or link, and we’ll handle the rest.

For Everyone

We believe in our products and the good they provide, so they are always available for direct purchase on our website for anyone at any time. Our Jute Plus member network is also available to everyone. Just click the button below to get started!

Quality that Matters

Competitive Prices, but Impeccable Quality!

Nobody is questioning that hemp-derived wellness products are a booming industry; however, not all products are playing by the same rules.

Some manufacturers are offering products that have impurities, poor quality or even less of the hemp-derived goodness like CBD in the product than advertised!

Our consumer’s wellness and health are paramount to our mission. Jute only offers the best made, highest quality products on the planet! Bold statement right? We stand by it, so we publish our third-party testing to prove it! A certificate of analysis (COA), is the golden standard of today to compare CBD or full-spectrum hemp products to one another.

Every Jute product can be tied back to a COA using our nifty COA look-up tool:

Jute Plus Membership Recap

Tell me how it works!

Join Jute Plus, then refer friends and family to Jute’s website using your link or Jute Plus referral code so they can get a 20% discount on their initial order. You’ll earn 10% cash rewards on their first purchase and all future orders. You can link to Jute’s online store via text links, banner ads or product links on your social media or website. You’ll give your friends and family the opportunity to purchase our products while you earn a portion of each sale.

  • We’ll provide creative assets for you to utilize on social media, email or your website.
  • Utilizing other creative assets is strictly prohibited.
  • Making claims on the benefits of Jute products, CBD or full-spectrum hemp in any capacity is prohibited by the FDA.

Jute products are so popular with our consumers, we reward those who choose to advocate for our health and wellness products to their friends and family networks.

Jute Plus is a simple three-tiered affiliate program that pays 10% – 10% – 5%.

  • 10% commission – Earned from sales referred directly through your Jute Plus referral code or link.
  • 10% commission – Earned on any purchases of Jute products from people your friends referred to Jute.
  • 5% commission – Earned on any purchases of Jute products from people your friends’, friends referred to Jute.

Basically, it is like the 7 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, but with only 3 degrees of separation in the Jute Plus program!

Thus, our mantra of…
Share Your Happy!

  • All Jute product purchases count toward commission.
  • Jute Plus membership fees are excluded.
  • Your friends and family that purchase Jute do NOT have to enroll in Jute Plus for you to earn commission on their purchases. They can simply buy the product for their everyday health and wellness.

You will earn a percentage of sales on ALL future orders for LIFE from your referrals under these guidelines:

    • You must maintain an active Jute Plus membership.
    • If your Jute Plus membership lapses, you forfeit your future commissions from any past referrals.
    • If your Jute Plus membership lapses, you can sign up for Jute Plus again and begin building a new network of friends and family you refer to Jute for commission.

In order to ensure you will receive your payout, make sure the email you use for PayPal is the same email in your Jute Plus account. To update your email, log in to your Jute Plus account and click “My Jute Plus Rewards” in the top right corner. Click on “Account details” to update your information. Jute Plus members will receive payouts at the end of every month.

Jute Plus is a membership for $50 a year.

  • Purchase a Jute Plus Membership.
  • Click the link in your confirmation email sent after your purchase of Jute Plus.
  • Finish setting up your account by creating your Jute Plus referral code.
  • Begin sharing your happy!

Become A Jute Plus Member Today!