Jute Plus Steps


Follow these steps to start earning with Jute Plus!

1. Add the Jute Plus membership to your cart (Hint Hint: If you are wanting to receive 20% off, check out your social media platforms to find a Jute discount code from your fellow Jute Plus members.)

2. Once the membership is added to your cart, follow the steps to fill out your billing information and click ‘Place Order’.

3. You’re almost done! After completing your purchase, you will receive four emails:

  • Welcome to Jute Health
  • We Received Your Order
  • Order Processed
  • Welcome to Jute Plus Rewards:
    You have to complete your registration by clicking the link in the email and setting your affiliate code.
    Once you clicked the link in the email, you will be redirected to the “My Jute Plus Rewards – Dashboard” where you would then choose your own personal affiliate code. After picking your code, you can then complete your registration and be an official Jute Plus Member!

4. Once you have completed your registration, you’ll be able to log in, see your rewards and start sharing your happy!