Our Company

Jute Health is a company that believes in helping others live their best lives and giving back to our community through all-natural wellness products. We accomplish this goal with a dedication to quality and a commitment to our consumers. To that end, we’ve gathered an expert team of industry leaders in all-natural and hemp-extract CBD products and drug-free pain relief, and we bring this passion and experience to Jute to better the lives of our consumers with all-natural hemp-extracted CBD.

Jute Is More Than A Wellness Product Line

Jute is a vertically integrated business.


We own & control everything from farm to shelf


We own and operate the Kentucky based all-natural hemp farms


We own the state-of-the-art manufacturing and extraction facilities

All Natural

Our product is pure and all-natural: No chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals or contaminants

Third-Party Verified

Each product is matched to a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab


We are fully licensed by the state, federal government and department of agriculture


Our Products

We use only the purest hemp-extract CBD and include only the finest all-natural ingredients to produce the best quality CBD products we can possibly provide. When you purchase Jute hemp-extract CBD tinctures or Jute hemp extract balm, you can rest knowing that you’re receiving a product we believe in, and one that is safe, all-natural, non-GMO & vegan-friendly.

Share your happy. Share Jute.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many chemical compounds found within the hemp plant. When it’s extracted and ingested, inhaled, or applied to the body through a topical balm it may have many health benefits for the body and mind. Jute CBD products leverage this potential health benefiting compound as well as other beneficial phytocompounds like CBC and CBD to create the best products possible for you.



Share Your Happy

We want to give back to our customers. Jute Plus Rewards partners earn rewards for their Jute Health referrals. Refer friends and family using your own referral code, and you can earn rewards based on their purchases! Part-time, full-time, or between-time—earn rewards however you would like. We want this to be your passion project and to have the freedom to have as much fun as we do making Jute.

Quality is Our First Priority

Jute’s number one priority is to always produce and process the highest quality hemp-extracted CBD products. Our farm is in the center of Kentucky, which has been frequently called “The Hemp Capital of the United States”.

All Jute products go through a vertically-integrated quality control process to ensure you’re getting the best quality hemp-extracted CBD oil. We use a Supercritical CO2 extraction which has been proven to be the best and safest way to extract botanical compounds for products used around the world. To provide you with the quality you can trust, we never use imported ingredients or processes. In every step of the process, Jute is in full control of the product.

Our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are some of the cleanest in the hemp-extracted CBD business. Each product is rigorously tested by third-party labs, allowing us to deliver the safest and highest quality hemp-extracted CBD products possible.

THC Free Hemp-Extracted CBD Products

Jute offers a pure CBD isolate option, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of hemp-extracted CBD oil without THC. THC is the component of cannabis that can offer a “high”. Legal full spectrum hemp-extracted CBD oil has 0.3% or less THC. THC-free hemp-extracted CBD oil is a great alternative for anyone that undergoes extensive drug screening or individuals with THC sensitivity.

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